“I possess the desire to see people set free, to see men and women free from burdens life dished out.”

Samone Darden-Lett
Author & Inspirational Speaker

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Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Samone Darden has walked a life of personal discovery, hard lessons, and spiritual growth. Her mission is to share with others how to be set free from the adversities of life.  Her passion is to empower others with the truth, that God has plans for each of us whether we believe it or not. Having gathered a wealth of wisdom from life’s ups and downs, Samone Darden has been involved in re-shaping the spirits, minds, and hearts of women throughout Central Florida for the past 5 years.

Her first book she published, Lily In The Valley, transparently documents her walk and intimate conversations with God throughout challenges in her life: homelessness, a past divorce, betrayal from previous relationships, and struggling with never knowing her birth father. As a prophetic and inspirational writer, Samone writes what’s inside her soul and captures the words God needs this generation of women, men, and families to hear and act on. Samone never speaks strictly from emotions, but from the biblical knowledge of God as well as the wisdom she has attained from her experiences. Samone Darden, an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and author has a desire to see people set free; to see men and women free of the shackles and chains life dished out. Samone found her purpose in helping people realize two things: how to walk in their divine purpose and destiny and how to know their true identity and worth. Since releasing her first book in 2007, she has co-authored three books since, released through the Professional Woman Network ( The titles include Bruised But Not Broken, Handbook for the Single African American Woman, Sister to Sister: A Guide for African American Girls, and Life is an Attitude: The Power of Positive Living.”

“Samone found her purpose in helping people realize two things: how to walk in their divine purpose and destiny and how to know their true identity and worth.”

Samone has found that identity and worth aren’t found in a man or a woman but in the Heavenly Father. It is in Him we can find our wholeness and purpose. Samone served her country in the United States Army, where she lent her skills as a Food Specialist while stationed in Germany. She holds an Associates Degree in Hospitality Management and has also graduated Cum Laude from Le Cordon Bleu in Culinary Arts Management. Samone is active monthly in the spiritual restoration of young men and women throughout the State of Florida. At The Lowell Correctional Facility in Ocala Florida, Samone is part of prison ministry. Through her local church she also mentored women at the Orlando Womens Work Release Department, assisting them in re-entry to daily life after incarceration. She is an entrepreneur, author, mentor, wife, and is dedicated daily to the plans God has for her future. Currently residing in Orlando, Florida, she operates Samone Darden Industries, a life enhancement business that encompasses writing, culinary (Wishful Concepts), and skincare products (Essence of The Earth). Presently, she is pursuing her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Christian Counseling.