Patches by Contributing Writer Dietra Taylor

Posted on: September 24th, 2012 by Samone Darden

New Patches

The Lord has led me to begin to study the words Jesus used during His ministry as revealed in the New Testament of the Bible.  On many occasions, Jesus effected great change in the lives of others with just ONE WORD.  Although He only used one word, that word was filled with meaning and authority.  I believe that sometimes we are just ONE WORD away from our breakthroughs.  This passage is from one of His teaching moments.

Matthew 9:16 “16 But no one puts a patch of un-shrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and a worse tear results.

I read this and it immediately brought to mind how so many times we come upon new situations and positions (even in church) and find it so hard to fit in.  We can even at times be initially rejected by the “established order” because our ideas and methodologies are so different from those in place.  Nevertheless, God has established a role for us in that “garment.”


Lord, help us to be fit for kingdom assignments.

Like the new patch of cloth spoken of in Jesus’ message, it is not that we don’t belong, but I believe it foolish to jump in without reviewing your surrounding culture and seeking the best fit of your talent to what is in place.  You don’t lose your worthiness, but sometimes you can cut your “down” time by observing what is going on around you.  And, if nothing else, avoid getting blindsided by those not quite mature enough to guide you lovingly to that proper fit.  This is true both in the spirit and the natural.  You have to ask yourself, “What am I walking into?  What is currently going on?  Where do I fit in all of this?  I have gifts to share; how do I join in?”  These are questions you should ask first.  Again, it’s not to disqualify yourself or second guess your purpose, but to use wisdom in your approach.

Lord, let us allow our experiences in life only draw us closer to you. 

We should, as we observe, ask God to show us the answers to each of the questions posed.  After all, He is the One we will turn to when/if things get hectic or difficult.  It’s better to ask beforehand than to have to possibly undo what we’ve done in the midst of trouble.

Lord, let us resist the evil one and not be overtaken. 

In these instances, it is easy to react rather than respond.  Reacting will usually lean towards working into the enemy’s hand, as it is generated by emotion and thoughtless action.  Responding assesses the situation and establishes a course of action based on all things considered.  Most often it also takes into account past experiences and failures to bring about the best plan of action.  It doesn’t have to always take a long time to respond, the more you establish that as your course of action, the quicker it becomes automatically how you approach things.

Lord, let us never knowingly make the tear worse.  

We are all gifted and talented in something.  The Lord has a plan for each of us.  We should have confidence in ourselves through Him.  This confidence, if handled correctly, should not repel others but draw them as they, in turn, join theirs with ours to accomplish the tasks at hand.  As we acknowledge their purpose ours can become clearer.  Only a person, already confident in their purpose, can openly acknowledge the strength of others and together, a fit “rightly-made” manifests.  In other words, things are done decently and in order and successfully!

Patches are put on to extend the life of the garment.  They are used to cover an otherwise exposed area.  Sometimes they are chosen to look just like the garment and sometimes are chosen to purposely contrast what’s already there to add to the character of the garment.  In all instances, its purpose is important.  Use your gifts to be a blessing to those around you, realizing that your part is more than just showing up!


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